High-Speed Low Loss Material

Risho’s high-speed low loss materials are made of PPE resin system with low profile copper which can achieve lower DK and Df for telecom and antenna application. PPE resin system has an advantage of stable Dk/Df, superior tolerance of thickness, high Tg, low water absorption and excellent process capability.

CS-3379 / ES-3329​

Low Dk/Df CCL and Prepreg (E-glass)

AD-3379 /CD-3379

Low Dk/Df Bonding Sheet and RCC

CS-3379D / ES-3329D

Low Dk/Df CCL and Prepreg (Low Dk Glass)


Ultra Low Df CCL for mmWave Application


Low Dk/Df CCL with HVLP Copper for Base Station Antenna

CS-3396 / ES-3346

High Dk (Dk=11.3) and Low Df CCL and Prepreg for GPS Antenna

AD-3396 / CD-3396 / CC-3396

High Dk (Dk=16.5) and Low Df Bonding Sheet, RCC and CCL (without Glass Cloth)

CS-3387S / ES-3308S

Halogen Free Low Dk/Df CCL with Epoxy Resin