EMIStream is an EMI design tool for PCB layout which has an EMI design rule check and plane resonance analysis. EMIStream also has a SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) rule chek and ESD rule check. 

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EMI Design Rule Checks

EMIStream’s 15 rule checks are boiled down from a huge amount of historical know-how about EMI suppression countermeasures and have been verified by NEC Laboratory and local and overseas university researchers with a logical background. In this way, EMIStream utilizes the most valuable EMI design rule check for real-world PCB design.

Power/Ground Plane Resonance Analysis

EMI increases if resonance occurs between the power/ground. The Power/ Ground Resonance Analysis Function takes into account plane shapes, capacitors, and distance between the power/ground planes to analyze resonance based on the PEEC (Partial Element Equivalent Circuit) method.

SMPS Design Rule Check

SMPS Design Rule Check is Layout Design Rule Checker for Switch Mode Power Supply. It consists of nine design rules for SMPS layout design, and current loops are made visible in order to visually check key layout points.

The output of the check result list and current loop information output to an EXCEL spreadsheet can be used as a design evidence or a design review sheet.

EMI Rule Check for 2-Layer Boards

EMIStream for 2-Layer Boards consists of eight design rule check items that are selected and specialized for 2-Layer PCBs. It points out the cause of EMI problems and suggests solutions.

ESD Rule Check

A discharge can occur when an electrically charged object (including the human body) touches an electronic device. This phenomenon called ESD (Electrostatic discharge) causes malfunction and failure of electronic devices.

EMIStream ESD Rule Check Feature will detect areas where ESD tolerance levels are low on a PCB and offer suggestions for solutions.

Power Integrity Analysis

The Power Integrity Analysis Function will help you analyze the location and value of capacitors in order to prevent IC from malfunctioning. Using this function, you can optimize capacitors by taking both EMI and PI into account. This will help you meet target impedance by adding/moving capacitors and changing capacitance values, plane shapes, and power/ground plane distances.



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