• API exhibited at EMV2023
    API (Amber Precision Instruments) exhibited at EMV 2023 in Stuttgart last week to present SmartScan which is an EMC/EMI scanner and SmartZap which is an automated robotic ESD tester. Thanks for those who stopped by API booth!!! 🙂
  • Risho exhibited at electronica 2022!!!
    Risho exhibited at electronica 2022 to present new PCB materials such as low-loss/low-Dk/low-Df material, low-CTE and low-modulus material, high thermal conductive material and white-colored material for LED. Thank you for those who stopped by Risho booth!!! 🙂
  • Oak-Mitsui Technologies at PCB West 2022
    Oak-Mitsui Technologies presented at PCB West 2022 to present an embedded capacitance material called FaradFlex to improve SI/PI and mitigate EMI, ultra thin copper called MicroThin and low-profile copper. Thanks for stopping by our booth!!! 🙂
  • EMC Europe 2022
    Taiki Kitazawa from NAIST (Nara Institute of Science and Technology) presented a paper titled “Analysis of the PDN Induced Crosstalk Impacts on the High-Speed Signaling in Ultra-Thin and High Permittivity Substrates” at EMC Europe 2022 in Gothenburg last week.Great job and thanks Kitazawa-san for evaluating embedded capacitance material called FaradFlex from Oak-Mitsui Technologies and hope to ...
  • Oak-Mitsui Technologies at IPC APEX 2022
    Oak-Mitsui Technologies will be exhibiting at IPC APEX 2022 at San Diego Convention Center to showcase embedded capacitance material FaradFlex, MicroThin and VSP copper. Please join us!!! 🙂