"TO THE ONLY ONE" with Advanced PCB Material Technology

Why us

“TO THE ONLY ONE” with Advanced PCB Material Technology

Risho offers very unique, but advanced and high quality PCB materials from Japan with 100 year-old material knowledge and technology. 

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Product Lineup

White-Colored Material for LED Application
White-Colord Material for LED Application
High Thermal Conductive Material
High-Thermal Conductive Material
Low Modulus/High Thermal Conductive Material
Low Modulus Material + High Thermal Conductive Material
Low CTE/High Temperature Resist Material
Low-CTE and High Temperature Reset Material
High-Speed Low Loss Material
High-Speed Low Loss Material
Halogen Free Eco-Friendly Material
Halogen-Free Material



LED Lighting


High Power

High Temperature



PCB Carolina 2019

RISHO Promotional Video

RISHO Low Modulus Material

Dr. RISHO (High Thermal Conductive Material)

Dr. RISHO (High-Speed Low-Loss Material)

Dr. RISHO (Low CTE Material)

Dr. RISHO (White-colored Material)

Dr. RISHO (High Dk Material)

RISHO celebrates 100th anniversary!!!

CS-3945 Promotional Video


PSMA Webinar

Interpack 2019

ASME 2017 Interpack

ECTC 2017