• EMIStream Ver6.3 Released!!! 11/02/2021
    NEC has released EMIStream Ver6.3 with new features of EMI design rule check, plane resonance analysis and power domain PI analysis.
  • EMIStream Ver6.2 Released!!! 02/22/2021
    NEC has just released EMIStream Ver6.1 with new features, Time-Domain resonance movie and API SmartScan interface.  1. Time-Domain Resonance Movie 2. API SmartScan interface.  Now EMIStream Ver6.2 has an interface with SmartScan from API to overlap EMI scan measurement results with EMIStream simulation results. This is very good combination for EMI debugging to identify EMI root-causes. 
  • SmartScan-L Released!!! 02/15/2021
    API has just released new mid-end EMC scanner, SmartScan-L with smaller formfactor and slider mechanism.
  • EMIStream Ver6.1 Released!!! 05/11/2020
    NEC has just released EMIStream Ver6.1 with new features, AI model and cross-probe between schematic and layout. Thanks for watching and if you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact us. Thanks!
  • RISHO Promotional Video Released 05/08/2020
    RISHO Promotional Video has been released to promote very unique, advanced and high quality PCB materials from Japan including white-colored material for LED, high thermal conductive material, low modulus and low CTE material, high temperature resist material and high-speed low loss material.