EMC Design Solution

SMPS Design Rule Check

EMIStream SMPS Check

SMPS Design Rule Check is Layout Design Rule Checker for Switch Mode Power Supply. It consists of nine design rules for SMPS layout design, and current loops are made visible in order to visually check key layout points.

The output of the check result list and current loop information output to an EXCEL spreadsheet can be used as a design evidence or a design review sheet.

9 Design Rules for SMPS
Current Loop
  1. Current Loop Layer

  2. Current Loop Length

Prevention of Noise Leak
  1. Current Loop Reference

  2. Current Loop Ground Area

  3. Current Loop Interference

  4. Filter

Snubber Circuit
  1. Snubber Circuit Placement

  1. Feedback and Current Loop Interference

  2. Feedback and Inductor Interference