EMC Design Solution

Power/Ground Plane Resonance Analysis

EMIStream Plane Resonance Analysis

EMI increases if resonance occurs between the power/ground. The Power/ Ground Resonance Analysis Function takes into account plane shapes, capacitors, and distance between the power/ground planes to analyze resonance based on the PEEC (Partial Element Equivalent Circuit) method.

EMIStream Far-Field EMI Estimation

Far-Field EMI Calculation

Far Field EMI is calculated by plane edge voltage (one pair of ground and power). It displays far field horizontal/vertical frequency characteristics and an azimuth pattern. You can adjust the calculation environment, such as the position of the PCB on the turntable, the distance to the antenna, and the antenna height.

EMIStream Multi-layer resonance analysis

Multi-layer Resonance Analysis

You can analyze multiple layers at a time. It is possible to reduce resonance by changing capacitor placement, and now EMIStream allows you to take via placement into account and change/add locations as needed.

EMIStream Report Generation

Resonance Analysis Report

Resonance analysis results such as analysis conditions, spectrum chart and voltage-distribution color gradation maps are reported collectively in an Excel format. Two or more analysis results, such as results of before / after adding capacitors or analysis results of all power planes on boards, can be reported collectively. These Reports can be preserved as evidence.