EMC Design Solution

EMI Design Rule Check for 2-Layer Board

EMIStream SMPS Check

EMIStream for 2-Layer Boards consists of 10 design rule check items that are selected and specialized for 2-Layer PCBs. It points out the cause of EMI problems and suggests solutions.

EMI Design Rules for 2-Layer Board
  1. Trace Length
  2. Reference Change
  3. Return Current Path Discontinuity
  4. SG Trace
  5. Filter
  6. Decoupling Capacitor
  7. Differential Signal
  8. X Talk
  9. Digital/Analog Interference
  10. IC Ground Split
EMIStream SMPS Check
Check Return Path for GND Pins

Even if ground and signal are parallel, the length of return current path from the end of signal to the GND pin causes additional emission.

EMIStream SMPS Check
Current Loop Check for De-Caps

Important to check  whether the current loop length between them is the minimum path.
* The capacitor whose loop is the minimum around IC will be checked.