PCB Solutions

TechDream offers very unique PCB materials from Oak-Mitsui Technologies and Risho. Oak-Mitsui Technologies supplies FaradFlex, an embedded capacitance material. Risho supplies low-loss materials for high-speed and antenna applications, high thermal conductive materials for power modules, white-colored materials for LED application, low-CTE and high temperature resist materials for package and test board applications, and low-modulus materials for solder crack prevention applications.

FaradFlex is an embedded capacitance material which has main features below…

  • Ultra-Thin Film Core starting from 24um or less
  • High Dk Type Available (Dk=10, 30)
  • Lower Impedance for PDN
  • Improve SI/PI and Mitigate EMI
  • Eliminate De-Caps



Risho has very unique PCB materials including…

  • High-Thermal Conductive Material (up to 10W/mK)
  • While-Colored Material for LED Application
  • Low-CTE and High Temperature Resist Material
  • Low-Modulus Material for Solder Crack Prevention
  • Ultra-Low Loss Material