EMC Design Solutions

TechDream offers leading-edge design solutions for EMC/SI/PI, including EMIStream, an EMC design rule check and plane resonance analysis for PCB layout from NEC, and near-field EMI scanner from API.

EMIStream is an EMI suppression support tool for PCB layout which has main features below…

  • 15 EMI Design Rule Check
  • Power Plane Resonance Analysis with PEEC
  • Far-Field EMI Estimation
  • SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) Check
  • PI Analysis (Target Impedance Analysis, DC Analysis)
  • ESD Rule Check
  • New AI Feature



API has state-of-the-art EMI scan and testing technologies which has main features below…


  • Near-Field EMI Scan
  • Near-Field to Far-Field Transformation


  • ESD Immunity Scan
  • Current Spreading Display
  • RF Immunity Scan
  • Resonance Scan
  • Cable Scan
  • Automated ESD Testing